Personal Projects


On-demand m3u8 playlist/playback daemon for, running on Android.

SiriusXM: The Heat Tracker & The Highway Tracker

Tracks songs played on SiriusXM’s The Heat R&B and Hip-Hop station. Displays top played statistics and new songs. Python, MongoDB, Django. [Blog] [Tracker] [Web Client]

Bulsatcom Fire TV Application

Amazon Fire TV application for watching the Bulgarian TV provider Bulsatcom. The official and incompatible touch apps for Android and iOS were used to reverse engineer the APIs.


Using Sentiment Analysis and Pattern Matching to Signal User Review Abnormalities (2018)
Viability of Dew Computing for Multilayered Networks (2018)
The history and real-life stories of historic memory and storage systems (2012)
IBM’s Watson Supercomputer: A Brief Overview (2011)