Hello World! From Hugo

11 October 2016

First post from Hugo–the fast and modern static website engine.

I quickly become a fan of statically generated sites after seeing Jekyll a few years ago. After getting tired of WordPress, it was on my radar to update my site to a statically generated one, and learn something new at the same time. I was not a fan of the installation dependencies I had to manage with Jekyll, but yesterday I stumbled upon a HN post about Hugo. This baby runs straight out of the box with a simple ‘homebrew install’ command, and as a bonus, it’s written in Go–a new language I began playing around with recently and really enjoy.

Never being a “web guy” myself, I love the simplicity behind Hugo. One rainy day later coupled with some music, I was able to produce this site, and am very satisfied with the result. Of course, there are more things in the layout and colors I want to tweak to my linking, but that will come later.

Setting up this site also gave me the opportunity and excuse to try out the Atom and VS Code text editors :) Liking Atom a little more than VS Code for its file management/view so far, but too early to tell.

Thanks to Steve Francia and the Hugo open source community for building this beautiful product. After sharpening my Go skills, I look forward to contributing to the project. Also thanks to Alex Urquhart for the original Hugo theme I am using.

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