Bruno: New API Client You Should Try

5 April 2024

If you are doing any API development, a pretty useful tool can be an API Client. Some place to store and easily call various API endpoints with various payloads for testing.

There are multiple variants available like Postman, Insomnia, HTTPie, or even good ol’ curl from the terminal. The problem with the graphical API clients is that they are getting increasingly bloated and tied to cloud services. For example, you can’t store your API call configurations without an account created on their cloud service.

Enter Bruno. Bruno is a fast and Git-griendly opensource API client, aimed at revolutionizing the status quo represented by Postman, Insomnia, and similar tools out there. Bruno stores all its configurations visible on the filesystem, so you can manage and track any changes with Git. There is no need for any cloud integration, you just use the client and commit your changes to your git repository. Some features I really appreciate:

  • Lightweight and quick
  • Multiple environments and variables for templating API calls
  • Store all configuration in a Git repo
  • Authentication suport

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